The Use of Botanical Extracts as Topical Skin-Lightening Agents for the Improvement of Skin Pigmentation Disorders - ScienceDirect

1/4/2008 · During the past decades, thousands of plant extracts have been screened, and hundreds of compounds were identified as potential skin-lightening ingredients. It is clear that natural sources and extracts represent a repository of ingredients that

Cosmetics Potential of Herbal Extracts - NOPR: Home

Vol 4(4) July-August 2005 315 Cosmetics Potential of Herbal Extracts Prashant L Kole, Hemant R Jadhav, Prasad Thakurdesai and Anantha Naik Nagappa* Pharmacy Group, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani- 333 031, Rajasthan, India


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