Saussurea involucrata(Saussurea;Saw-wort)Extract&Flower&Plant - 法甲竞猜_法甲竞猜平台_法甲联赛竞猜平台

ATP Snow Lotus R&D Center has been specialized in the research, development and production of Bioactive Ingredients and Herbal Teas from Saussurea Involucrata (Snow Lotus) and derived applications for the cosmetic, nutraceutical and

Traditional & Popular saussurea for All

Saussurea Costus Extract can relieve Vomiting,and diarrhea. 3. Used as an antiseptic expectorant that relieves congestion in colds and bronchitis. 2. We test the active ingredient, heavy metal and microorganism for every batch of the cargo


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