Comparison of fruit organic acids and metabolism-related gene expression between Cerasus humilis (Bge.) Sok and Cerasus glandulosa (Thunb.) Lois

26/4/2018 · humilis fruits, with an increase during the early fruit-developmental stage, followed by a rapid increase during the fruit-enlargement stage (FES), and then a decrease in the mature fruits. The highest total acid (28.62±1.05 mg/g), malic acid (2

Extraction and Characterization of Montmorency Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) Pit Oil - Byrdwell

Eleostearic acid (9Z, 11E, 13E octadectrienoic acid) for fatty acid confirmation was ordered as the methyl ester in ethanol solution, ≥98 % purity, from Cayman Chemicals, Inc (Ann Arbor, MI) and as the free fatty acid, 97 % purity, from ≥ Laroda


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