Soy Protein

  • Colour: Light yellow
  • Content: 90%
  • Product description: Soy Protein



1) Meat products:The addition of soy protein isolate to higher grade meat products not only improves the texture and flavor of the meat products,but also increases the protein content and strengthens the vitamins. Because of its strong function, the dosage can be between 2and 5% to maintain water retention, ensure fat retention, prevent gravy separation, improve quality and improve taste. Theinjected protein injection is injected into the meat piece like ham. Then the meat is processed, the ham yield can be increased by20%, in the hot pot material product Gongmao, peeing cattle pill, chicken pill, Minnan fragrant meat, sweet and spicy, tempura,flowering intestine, intestines, roasting Intestinal, hot dog sausage, kebab, Chuanxiang chicken, flesh and blood, colonelchicken, Mai Le chicken, Orleans roast duck embryo, conditioning wing root, pickled leg, luncheon meat, sandwich and other meatproducts processed, soy protein isolate The addition of the product can make the structure of the product more perfect, soyprotein isolate and the company’s vegetarian meat powder can be added at the same time. Nutrition is more scientific.

2)Dairy products:Soy protein isolate is used in place of milk powder, non-dairy beverages and various forms of milk products. Comprehensive nutrition, no cholesterol, is a substitute for milk. The use of soy protein isolate instead of skim milk powder for the production of ice cream can improve the emulsification properties of ice cream, delay the crystallization of lactose, and prevent the phenomenon of “sanding”.
3)Pasta products:When adding bread, add no more than 5% of the separated protein, which can increase the bread volume, improve the skin color and extend the shelf life. Add 2~3% of the separated protein when processing the noodles, which can reduce the broken rate after boiling and improve the noodles. The yield, and the noodles are good in color, and the taste is similar to that of strong noodles.
4) Others:Soy protein isolate can also be used in food industries such as beverages, nutritious foods, and fermented foods, and has a unique role in improving food quality, increasing nutrition, lowering serum cholesterol, and preventing heart and cerebrovascular diseases.