Grape Seed Extract

  • Cosmetic
  • Procyanidine
  • Brown Powder
  • Shelf Life 2 years
  • Product description: grape seed extract



1, anti-aging, enhance immunity

Grape seed can not only eliminate free radicals, enhance immunity, anti-aging, but also protect the function of human organs and tissues, can prevent and cure heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis premature aging, cancer and more than 100 diseases caused by free radicals.

2, beauty and beauty

Grape seed has the reputation of skin vitamins and oral cosmetics, can protect collagen, help improve skin elasticity and luster, whitening, moisturizing, freckle effect;Can also keep the skin soft and smooth, reduce wrinkle generation, remove acne, scar healing, is a good beauty products.

3. Anti-allergy

The substances in grape seeds can penetrate deep into cells, fundamentally inhibit the release of histamine, the sensitizing factor, and improve the tolerance of cells to allergens.Scavenging allergenic free radicals, anti – inflammatory, anti – allergic effect, can effectively regulate the body immunity, thoroughly improve allergic constitution.