Alpha Arnutin

  • Cosmetic
  • Content10%-90%
  • White Powder
  • Shelf Life 2 years
  • Product description: Alpha Arnutin10%-90%



Alpha-arbutincas rn84380-01-8 fractals C12H16O7

Chinese alias: alpha-arbutin;4- hydrobenzoquinone -alpha-D- glucosinolates;Hydroquinone-alpha-d-glucoside;Dan-arbutin;4-hydroxybenzene-bd-d-glucoside

4- hydroquinone-alpha-d-glucopyranoside;A – Arbutin

CAS RN) : 84380-01-8

Sub-formula: C12H16O7

Subunits: 272.25

Physical and chemical properties: melting point 195-196°C

Val-arbutin is similar to messarbutin in that it inhibits the production and deposition of melanin, removing freckles and freckles, such as zhuating.Studies have shown that alpha-arbutin can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase at a relatively low concentration, and its inhibitory effect on tyrosinase is better than that of osarbutin.