Levorotatory corydalis b

  • Property: plant extract
  • Part: Leaf
  • CAS: 10097-84-4
  • Shelf life 2years
  • Product description: Levorotatory corydalis b



Levotylenol b has analgesic, sedative, hypnotic and tranquilizing effects. Its analgesic effect is weaker than pethidine, stronger than general antipyretic analgesic. At the therapeutic dose, there was no respiratory inhibition and no gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm. It has a good effect on chronic persistent pain and dull visceral pain, but a poor effect on acute acute pain (such as post-operative pain, traumatic pain, etc.) and advanced cancer pain. While producing analgesic effect, it can cause sedation and hypnosis. The mechanism of action of this product is still to be clarified, which may be related to blocking the function of dopamine receptors in the brain by inhibiting the uplink activation system of the brain stem network structure. The treatment dose is non-addictive.