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Watermelon Oil by CocoKind– cocokindorganic watermelon seed oil - deeply nourishes with linoleic acid and helps support supple-looking skin organic hemp oil - deeply hydrates with fatty acids and keeps skin and hair moisturized all ingredients full IL: citrullus lanatus (watermelo

Extraction and GC-MS analysis of the fatty acids in commonly consumed melon seed varieties in Nigeria

Identification and Quantification of Physicochemical and Bioactive Components from Sugar Baby Variety of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)25/8/2021 · The investigation aimed to analyze the qualitative attributes of ‘Sugar Baby’ variety of watermelon. Ripe fruit consisted of 68.30% flesh, 31.07% rind, and 1.58% seeds. Freshly extracted juice had a pH, total soluble solids, lycopene, ascorbic a


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