Konjac Powder 1.Product Name: Konjac root extract 2.Latin name: Amorphophallus konjac 3. Part Used: Root 4.Specification:90%-99% Glucomannan What is Konjac Powder? Konjac powder is perfect for creating a variety of bath, body, skin and hair care

10 Best Konjac Sponges of 2020 for Every Skin Type - Skin Care OxThe Healing Power of high quality konjac for Your HealthBuy amazing high quality konjac at irresistible offers and enhance your well-being. The proven health benefits of high quality konjac will leave you with a smile.

My Konjac Sponge is a trusted brand for all natural and biodegradable konjac sponge that is so soft for your skin. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and baby skin.

#1 Konjac Foods Supplier - Universal Konjac Indonesia: konjac rootGlucomannan Capsules from Konjac Root Powder - Safe & Natural Way To Reduce Appetite & Cravings - Our Glucomannan Weight Loss Program Free - Fiber Supplement - 100 Pills Of 700 mgs - 2000 mg/serving. 100 Count (Pack of 1) 3.7 out of 5


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