14/9/2017 · The grape skin extract was obtained from winery by-product of red grape variety Prokupac (Vitis vinifera L.). The morphology of the powders, their thermal, chemical and physical properties (water activity, bulk and tapped densities, solubility),

Grape seed extracts are the most commonly applied form, due to their higher levels of polyphenols that, in general, produce a more intense antimicrobial activity. Grape seed extracts successfully delay the growth of spoilage flora, including

Improving Color Extraction and Stability in Red WineEffect of ultrasound processing on anthocyanins and color of red grape juice - ScienceDirect1/3/2010 · Grape juice samples were sonicated with processing variables of amplitude level (24.4–61.0 μm) and treatment time (0–10 min) at a constant frequency of 20 kHz and pulse durations of 5 s on and 5 s off.A full factorial experimental design with


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