22/8/2016 · Results No adverse effects of PPM supplementation were observed on carcass and meat quality characteristics among the treatment groups (P > 0.05), whereas pork loins from pigs fed a diet supplemented with 0.9 % persimmon peel (T3) showed more

The quality of gruel which processed using persimmon flesh powder improved when mixed with flesh powder of 3%, rice powder, glutinous rice powder and skimmed milk, but persimmon peel was not

Quality Characteristics of Bread with Dried Persimmons Hot-Water Extracts -Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition | Korea ScienceChemistry and Functionality of Bioactive Compounds Present in Persimmon - HindawiPalmitic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid are the major fatty acids found in persimmon seeds, ranging from 70.4% to 78.3% of total fatty acids []. Among the fatty acids, oleic acid plays a role in cancer prevention.


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