7 and 93 %, respectively. It is determined that the oleic acid (75 %) is the major fatty acid in the wild apricot kernel. This is followed by linoleic (17.4 %), palmitic (4.7 %) and stearic (1.9 %) acids. Some other fatty acids are also included

Oil content, fatty acid composition and biodiesel properties among natural provenances of Siberian apricot (Prunus sibirica L.) from China - MaFatty Acid Compositions in Local Sea Cucumber, Stichopus Chloronotus, for Wound HealingFatty acid profile from crude extracts of local sea cucumber Stichopus chloronotus was determined using gas chromatography (GC) technique. The extracts were prepared separately in methanol, ethanol, phosphate buffer saline (PBS), and distilled

20/9/2017 · The effect of microwave roasting on bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity and fatty acid composition of apricot kernel and oils. Fahad Al Juhaimi Department of Food Science & Nutrition, College of Food and Agricultural Sciences, King

Ultrasound assisted extraction of apricot kernel oil: effect on physicochemical, morphological characteristics, and fatty acid composition inDevelopment of a fatty acid fingerprint of white apricot almond oil by gas chromatography and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry - Tian - 2014Spectral correlative chromatogram was adopted to identify common fatty acid and 18 “common fatty acids” were obtained in 13 WAA oil samples, accounting for 97.3% of the total content. The method of fingerprint analysis was then validated based


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