Annona squamosa L., a small tropical tree, is a famous cultivated Annonaceae. Its fruit is known as the custard apple, sugar apple, or fruta do conde. Its seeds are poisonous, and have multiple, mainly traditional, uses. They contain high

Chemopreventive effect of Annona squamosa extractChemopreventive potential of Annona squamosa leaves extract in Swiss albino miceglucose levels and several reports indicates that Annona squamosa leaf extract can substitute effectively for externally administered insulin (Gupta et al., 2005b). The fruit of Annona spp. have been shown to have anti-microbial activities

7/8/2019 · fruit pulp of Annona squamosa, as influenced by the conditions of processing was studied (Shashirekha et al., 2008). Custard apple is also a source of the medicinal and industrial products. The fruit

Annona Squamosa , or Suger Custard Apple Fruit 10+Seeds | Evaluation of Nutraceutical Applications of Annona Lbased Food ProductsAnnona squamosa Linn is a tropical branched shrub cultivated throughout India for its fruits and different parts viz. seed, leaf, root, bark for the treatment of various diseases (Padhi et al., 2011). The custard apple (Annona squamosa L.) is


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