Organic Agave Inulin Powder. Our 100% organic agave inulin powder is a nutritious, low-glycemic index sweetener and natural thickener. Our organic agave inulin comes in the form of a fine, white coloured powder, and has a typical sweet flavour

Vivagave Inulin | EkowarehouseIntrinsicOrganics | All-Natural Prebiotic Ingredient for Foods, Organic Inulin | Intrinsic OrganicsOur inulin products are 100% certified organic by the UDSDA given its chemical-free cultivated tubers from our organic farms and its natural extraction process. IO-Inulin provides a variety of functional and nutritional benefits in food,

Organic Inulin from agave has the added benefit of being very soluble in cold water, meaning it can be incorporated into beverages, baked goods, dairy products, and substitute for the properties of fat without the high calories. Our Organic Agav

Compra Organic Agave Inulin Powder all'ingrosso online | foodcircleAgave Inulin | Ekowarehouse100% Organic Agave Inulin Price: Contact Supplier Product Description By industrial means we are able to extract the Agave Inulin from the agave juice obtained from agave Tequilana Weber in Jalisco, Mexico. Inulin is a dietary soluble fiber that


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