1/1/2012 · Fatty acid vs. content diagram showing the fatty acid profiles of neutral (A) and polar (B) lipids from wild Cordyceps sinensis. Seventeen fatty acids were identified from polar lipids in WCS by GC-MS and their relative abundances and absolute

TIENS Cordyceps, 100 capsules – TIENS USATIENS Cordyceps, 100 capsules – Tiens EUTIENS Cordyceps, 100 capsules – Multilabel. Net content: 59,5g (100 capsules x 595mg). Ingredients: Cordyceps mycelium powder 500 mg (Cordyceps sinensis) (includes naturally occurring adenosine – 0,15% and mannitol – 6%), hard capsule shell:

19/2/2013 · Cordyceps is a natural medicinal mushroom which is well liked by people nowadays as they believe more in natural therapy than chemotherapy because of lesser side effects. Growth characteristics of Cordyceps militaris have to be studied in-depth


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